Bandwagon Effect

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Today, I will tell about the Bandwagoon Effect. In other words mob mentality or herd mentality.I will tell about these topics. What is the story of bangwagoon effect? When are we effectted? Where?In which situations? Why? How can we save ourself from it? We will try to answer them today.

The Story Of Bandwagon Effect

First of all, we can start with the story of bangwagoon effect or mob mentality. In 1848, Dan Rice who was a clown collected people his wagoon journey with his motto”join the band”. After that, he wanted to vote for himself for mayor election from his fellow travellers.The name of the effect came from there.

When Are We Effected?

Well, When are we effectted from it?Imagine that, we are looking for downloading applications from Google Play. In general, we care their points. We don’t know who gave them. Maybe, they give good point according to their prize or something else that doesnt interests you. There is the same situation in online shopping. We don’t know who gives this point ,but we trust them. We can give a lot of example. For instance, popular products, being a fan of a brand such as Apple or Starbucks, bestseller books. The number of examples can be more. To me, IDMB scores are important when i decide to watch a movie.What about you? Can you order food from a Yemek Sepeti Restaurant who scores just three?

The Causes Of Mob Mentality

We can go on with the causes of mob mentality. Generally people tend to follow other poeple’s behaviour or their rules. People can stumble. It is so natural ,but if we follow this people blindly, it is not a true attitudude. We must research our truths.However, in general, we don’t want to spend time on researching ,so we believe majority. Another cause is fear of exclusion and loneliness because if we don’t follow the majority, we can be exluded by them.

Experiment Of Charlie Chaplin

Does majority always tell the truth? Absoulty, no. For example, Charlie Chaplin entered a contest which chose the one who looked like Charlie Chaplin and he came the 3th Place. What should we understand from it?
The things that the majority have agreed on are not always reliable.

The Solution

What is the solution? The solution is simple. Being confident,researhing and caring just the truts.After that we can decide.
To sum up, opposing or following the majority is a wrong and dangereous thing.There areto important things. There are researching and making on decision.

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